Learn more about PC Repair Hut’s unique process.

Our process

  • 1

    Schedule a date and time

    At your convenience we will set a remote appointment for the day and time of your liking.

  • 2

    Our Remote Software tool

    We will provide a unique code for each session. This will allow us to connect to your screen and provide you with our amazing service! This code is only good once! You will need to call to get started.

  • 3

    Watch as we go

    At this point you will be able to show us in real time the issues your machine is experiencing and you can watch us work and learn as we resolve all of your issues.

  • 4

    Wrap up and Payment

    At this point we will conclude the remote, go over all of our findings and then we can take payment with our secure credit card processing or our online invoice portal.